The Shaltzes – Photographers

photos by: Kenneth Grzymala

- Name: Jason Shaltz and Carrie Shaltz, brother and sister

- Hometown: Flint, MI

- Current City:

Carrie:  Manhattan

Jason:  Brooklyn, NY

- College (if applicable):

Carrie:  University of Michigan, Masters of Architecture

Jason:  Michigan State University, BFA Finance

- Current Employer/ Recent Clients: Ann Yee Collection, the stageFARM, Madison Square Garden, Bowery Presents, private collectors

- Whats your favorite project you’ve worked on and why?

Carrie:  GLITTEROUS with Zach Hyman.  It was an amazing adventure and lesson in presence and focus.  and breaking the law.

Jason:  Following Twiztid on their nationwide tour to document Juggalo culture.  Music, specifically Psychopathic Records, has played an enormous roll in my life.  It was a chance to shoot things my way and to do the culture justice through the lens of a camera.

- What are you doing when you’re not working?

Carrie:  sleeping,  spontaneous Zipcar shenanigans, fire escapes

Jason:  Running, listening to music, watching movies (specifically zombie movies), but not all at once.  Margarita’s are also a hobby of mine.  I have been surveying this delicious elixir throughout the five boroughs for the last 4 years.  I’d have to say Barrio Chino’s has it on lockdown.

- What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

Carrie:  My brother and partner Jason.  Everything we do is either created from each other or for our creative passion.

Jason:  The flexibility of being a business owner.  I am motivated to never have to worry about “Vacation Days/Sick Days” ever again.

- What do you think is a main factor that got you where you are today?

Carrie:  Realizing that “no” is never an acceptable answer.  That, and the undying and unbiased support of my parents.

Jason:  My parents have always been supportive of my decisions and instilled a “go out and get it” attitude in me since day 1.  Never giving up and following my gut are the cliches I live by.

- What do you have coming up for the future?

Carrie:  The next few months are packed with concerts and a new project involving fat.

Jason:  THE JUGGALO will be shown at‘s flagship store in Williamsburg.  Join us on November 5th for Faygo-mixed cocktails and a glimpse into the “Most Hated Fan-Base of All-Time.”

- What would you tell a friend visiting your city for the first time?

Carrie:  Don’t wear your tennis shoes.  Everyone will know you don’t live here.

Jason:  Visit Brooklyn.

- Any words of wisdom?

Carrie:  There are 2 kinds of people in this world:  those who divide the world into 2 kinds of people, and those who don’t.

Jason:  Someone a lot smarter that me once said:  ”Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are always right.”  I dig that quote.

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